How to check if the default FTP port 21 is blocked ?

Most webmasters might be aware that Port 21 is the default Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) for establishing an FTP connection. At times users face problems with FTP connections. There may be a chance that your ISP would have blocked the port 21, resulting in connection errors for you.

In such a case users can quickly check if the Internet Service provider has blocked port 21. Below is how you can check that based on the operating system you have.

Status Check of port 21 for Windows Operating System #

Go to Start menu tab. Then run ‘cmd’ which will take you to the command prompt. There in the command prompt or DOS prompt you must type the following command and hit Enter:

telnet 21


telnet 123.456.789.86 21

Status Check of port 21 for Linux Operating System #

Using your favorite terminal emulator you can run the below command to telnet your site:

telnet 21


telnet 123.456.789.86 21

Note: You must replace with your website address or with your website/server IP (Internet Protocol).

The below screenshot shows that the FTP port 21 is blocked by the ISP :

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