If you have been thinking of registering a domain name, probably you came across expired domains. Expired domains differ from a brand new domain in that someone else has owned the domain before.

Expired domains are available to register after they expire. Depending on the owner and how the domain was used this process can either be advantageous or disadvantageous.


There is some value in an expired domain name. Where you want the domain to get ahead in the SEO game of you found that expired perfect domain name to build your own website on.

In this post, we’ll outline what an expired domain name is and ways you can use them.

Why are expired domain names valuable?

The domain names aren’t inherently valuable by default. Only when they possess the following:

  • They have a quality link profile
  • They aren’t spammy and
  • And they have some level of relevance to your existing or new website

The challenge you will face in finding a valuable domain is the one that meets all of the above criteria above. You can find a relevant expired domain with a strong link profile, but it was used for spam purpose. Using such domain will definitely hold you back.

However, if you found that perfect expired domain that does not have a strong link profile to build your brand you can purchase it and slowly work on building link profile.

Usage of Expired Domains

Most people buy expired domains typically for SEO purposes, but they can also be used to create brand new websites. Below is some of the usage in the market.

  1. Start Your Own Website

If you are building your website with the goal of ranking on 1st page of Google, then you are probably familiar with the Google Sandbox.

Google Sandbox is the period of time where Google won’t rank your website until you have enough authority and trust built up. This process can be skipped if you build your website on a domain that has trust and authority through search engine traffic.

The above method is not perfect or guaranteed, but it’s usually effective in helping you avoid the Google Sandbox.

  1. Redirect an expired domain to your website

If you found a relevant, high-quality domain, then you can actually redirect this domain to your site. This method has the benefit of boosting the authority of your website, so it will be easier to rank of search engines.

This method is reliant on the type of redirect you employ, namely 301 redirects and the link profile of your site you are redirecting. If you are looking to boost your SEO efforts this can be an effective way to do it.

  1. Resell(Flip) the domain

Domain flipping is the process of buying a domain name and flipping it for a profit. The approach also applies to flip websites.

This strategy relies on finding a domain or website that isn’t reaching potential.

You can hunt expired websites that are getting traffic but isn’t being monetized fully you can buy it, improve it, and sell it again.

You can also buy domain names because they have good branding potential. I bought Laptop Zone for an e-commerce store that sells and repairs laptops. Check sites like Brand Bucket, they have high-quality domain names that sell at a high price due to their branding potential. Typically domain names like these are catchy, short and simple and can be effectively used by startups and new businesses.

  1. Build a PBN(Private Blog Network)

Private Blog networks still remain popular in the SEO world. Please note this is a risky method to rank your website but it’s still common practice. We are not endorsing creating your own PBN.

Essentially the process of building a PBN is where you purchase expired domains that have decent authority. The, you create content for these websites and link to your main site with a link that you control. You will have a network of this websites, which you host on different accounts while hiding that you are the owner of the domain. Do you see the risk?

Google has been clamping down on webmaster doing this. So be careful if you intend doing this.

Where to find EXPIRED Domains

There are number of resource online that can help you track, find and purchase expired domains. Some of the common sites include:

  • FreshDrop
  • DornCop
  • Expired Domains

Before you purchase please do your due diligence. You will have to purchase a domain and only to find out that it has a shady past and be used for your future projects.

To do this try the following:

Run the site through Archive.orf to see what it used to look like before it got expired

Run it through a tool like Majestic, SEMRush, Ahrfes to see the domain authority and trust.

Ideally, you want to buy an expired domain that used to be a tangible website, not one that used to be a PBN, or something else.

DO expired domain make sense to your website? Hopefully, you have a better idea of the different ways you can use an expired domain name. Most common approach are to build your own relevant website(like we did with Laptop Zone) or use it for SEO purpose.

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