In this post we will outline when to choose a dedicated IP or shared IP address.

To help you choose, let’s first take a look at how IP addresses work.

When you visit a website after you type into the browser of your choice and hit enter, the browser checks if it has any memory of visiting that domain. If it cannot find any, it asks the internet service provider, “What is the address for

If the lookup is successful, the internet service provider will return the DNS for that domain. Included with the DNS is the IP address. The IP address is more like the street name on which your website lives. Multiple websites can live on the same street when using a shared IP address.

After your IP address is returned, your browser will go to it. Your browser will then look for the house with the name After it finds the right house, the website will load. This process happens quickly behind the scenes – usually complete within several milliseconds.

You might be wondering what happens when you purchase your own dedicated IP address, how does it affect your website.

To extend the above, a dedicated IP address is like owning your own street and being the only house on the block. You can choose to build more house on your street, allowing more websites to use your dedicated IP address. In most cases, people won’t build more houses and will simply keep their one house on that street.

But then why would you need a dedicated IP address over shared IP?

Why choose Shared IP Address

One of the advantages of shared IP is not having additional cost as when you sign for web hosting shared IP is automatically assigned to your account. This is very helpful if you want to quickly set up a website.

Disadvantaged of Shared IP is that its shared. There can be hundreds and possibly thousands of websites using the same IP Address. This can cause problems if one website abuses the services and sends out spam.

Also if a third-party company ads the shared IP address to a blacklist, everyone on the shared IP address will be affected.

Why choose Dedicated IP Address

One of the advantages of a dedicated IP address is the ability to access your website without a domain – seen some site address http://192.xx.xx.xx:2087.

If you have just purchased your domain and haven’t yet pointed it toward your server, the dedicated IP address will allow you to view and work on your website without having to wait for propagation time. It is indeed dedicated. No other website uses this IP address and how you use it it’s up to you.

Unfortunately they are not FREE, they cost a small fee every month.

Given that dedicated IP are for your website alone, you are free from side effects of your bad neighbors, like sever blacklisting due to spam. However you are responsible for ensuring that none of your websites or users abuse the service, which could cause blacklisting.


The decision to choose shared or dedicated IP really come down to your specific needs.

If you want to host small website and do not have any restrictions shared IP address will work perfectly fine.

However if you if you are a developer and need to access website before the domain is pointed over, a dedicated IP address can be solution to consider. Dedicated IP address can be important for certain applications.